本企业 座落于风景秀丽,经济发 达的杭嘉湖平原,世界观潮胜地--海宁,本企业 是一家专业生产各种医药、生物、电子、化工、食品、环保、纺织等行业的过滤、水处理设备系列,近几十种产品、上百种规格,小到实 验室的试验和中试设备,大到规模化生产设备,主要生 产有各种板框式多层过滤器、各种袋式过滤器、微孔膜折叠式过滤器、各种折叠式滤芯、各种搅拌罐、浓配、稀配罐、微孔滤膜等产品,许多选 用我公司产品的用户都已通过了GMP验收。

  为了适应制药达GMP和食品 化工国际标准化的需要,我们近 来生产了国际通用的不锈钢管道、连接件、阀门等,产品规格齐全,已被很多企业选用。我们历来“重合同、守信用”,产品畅销国内及国外,各地的医药、化工、食品及 科研单位等广泛应用,深受到赞赏和欢迎。客户是上帝,我们将以优良的品质、实惠的 价格和周到的服务,不断满足您的需求。

  如果你 想了解更多的情况,真诚欢 迎您与我们联系,我们将 非常乐意为您及您的企业服务。

  Our factory is located in Haining, a place where Hianning Tide is very famous in the world, which is on the Hangjiahu Plain with beautiful scenery and developed economies. Our factory specializes in producing series of equipment of filters and water treatment, including medicine, biology, electronics, chemicals, food, environmental protection and textile, etc. It contains nearly several dozens products with hundred kinds of specifications, as slight as laboratory experiment and experimental equipment, as big as production equipment of scale. We mainly produce all kinds of board frame type multi-layer filter, all kinds of bag type filter, the pore membrane foldaway filter, all kinds of foldaway filter chips, all kinds of agitated pot, thinly and thickly mixed pot, pore filter diaphragm products and so on. Many of the users all pass the GMP approval because of the selection of our company products.

  In order to adapt the medicine manufacture to reach the need of GMP and international standardization of food and chemical industry, we have recently produced stainless steel pipeline used universally, the connecting piece, the valve and so on. The products have complete ranges of specifications, which have been selected by very many enterprises.

  We always strictly abide by contracts and have good faith. So our products are best-sellers home and overseas, and they are so highly praised that they are widely used in each part of medicine, the chemical industry, food and the scientific research unit and so on.

  The customer is God, we will meet your need increasingly by the fine quality, the materially beneficial price and the thorough service, If you will want to learn more, welcome to connect with us. Sincerely we will be glad at your service.



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